Virtual Styling and Online Shopping

I know, life is busy. If you have no time to shop, (or no desire to), I can do it for you

online. Whether you only need a single dress for a special event or a whole new

wardrobe, I can be at your service! I can also create capsule collections for you from

the website(s) of your choice. Whether you want to just update your current closet or

a totally new season’s wardrobe, I can provide with collections of clothes and

accessories that mix and match to maximum.

I will just ask you to fill in a questionnaire and then I will shop different websites

chosen by you, based upon your style and needs by keeping in mind your budget. 

Then I will compile a list of links to items, create a lookbook with those pieces so you

can see how to put together these outfits. Finally, you can shop your outfit or

collection in the privacy of your own home and get them delivered right to your door.

Virtual Styling and Online Shopping: 


Lookbook for occasions: $35

Including a Lookbook of 10 items (tops, bottoms, dress, cardigan, blazer, accessories) and styling tips and tricks

Wardrobe refresh: $50

Including a Lookbook of 20 items (tops, bottoms, dress, cardigan, blazer, accessories) and styling tips and tricks

Capsule Wardrobe (complete seasonal mix and match wardrobe): $65

Including a Lookbook of 35 items (tops, bottoms, dress, cardigan, blazer, accessories) and styling tips and tricks

Personal Style Consultation - $65/hour - First Consultation is FREE

During our personal style consultation, we will define your individual style and establish your

desired look. I will ask you questions which will help me to understand your personal

style and image goals, your likes and dislikes. In this consultation, we will discuss

which are your best colors and silhouettes and how to wear them. Also, I will answer

any questions you might have.


Wardrobe assessment - $65/hour

This service is about reviewing your current wardrobe. You can try your clothes on so

we can determine what are the pieces that you don’t like anymore or no longer work

or need to be altered. I can also give you ideas to create new outfits from your

existing clothing. We will also discuss what items can be added to complete your


Personal Shopping - $65/hour

First, to save you time, I will pre-shop the stores you choose and have items waiting

for you. I will choose pieces by keeping in mind your budget and expectations. When

you arrive, you can try the clothes on and then you decide what you want to buy. You

will not only save on time and money, but you will have an amazing shopping

experience as well!

Please email me at for inquiries and to schedule your style consultation.