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I would like to recommend Orshees to you as an excellent Stylist.

After my pregnancy, I didn't feel comfortable with the outfits I had so I got Orshees wardrobe assessment and personal shopping experience. During both services I learned so much about what styles work with my body and other valuable information. She immediately understood my goals and started to develop a plan on how to go through my closet. We reviewed all my clothes, and she really helped me understand how to choose the right outfit and how to pair my existing pieces.

Always responsive, is personable, has lots of knowledge on the latest fashions, and is super helpful in finding a style that fits your body type. She gave me shopping suggestions for pieces that could complement my outfits. We talked a lot about dressing confidently for my body type. After shopping together, I walked away feeling so good about how much we were able to buy from my shopping list. I highly recommend working with Orshees!