I heard about Orshee from my daughter. She was truly impressed with her fashion style.

When I found out that Orshee wants to help women with their clothes, and other elements of style, I called and asked for help. She came to our house and we spent about four hours together. It was time well spent! 

First of all, I also was impressed how stylish Orshee is. I also appreciated her style of communication. She was very gentle and asked me about my goals, and needs, questions.

I told her that there are some items, which I love and are comfortable, but my husband hates them. I needed an outside opinion! So we decided to go through the clothes which I wear and like. I tried on most of the clothes I wear or not wear,  but like and she gave me very good feedback on them. She was totally professional, yet gentle. We decided that some of the things were not advantageous for me, so I will give them to charity.

She made some recommendations as far as, what should I wear with what kind of top or pants and skirts so they will look better on me. She was very specific, so when I go shopping I will know exactly what to look for. She even offered to come and go shopping with me next time. There were some tops in my closet, which I did not wear, thinking they were not good on me, but she convinced me to wear them. She was specific about what should go with what, and I found those recommendation really valuable. I wish I had asked Orshee to come and help me sooner. It was a fun and eye opening experience spending time with her. I trust her opinion, and when she explained some things to me and looking in the mirror, I saw that  she was right. I had fun talking with Orshee, and can truly recommend her to any woman who feels ready for a change for the better.

Thank you Orshee


 I would like to recommend Orsolya to you as an excellent Stylist.

After my pregnancy, I didn't feel comfortable with the outfits I had so I got Orsolya’s wardrobe assessment and personal shopping experience. During both services I learned so much about what styles work with my body and other valuable information. She immediately understood my goals and started to develop a plan on how to go through my closet. We reviewed all my clothes, and she really helped me understand how to choose the right outfit and how to pair my existing pieces.

Always responsive, is personable, has lots of knowledge on the latest fashions, and is super helpful in finding a style that fits your body type. She gave me shopping suggestions for pieces that could complement my outfits. We talked a lot about dressing confidently for my body type. After shopping together, I walked away feeling so good about how much we were able to buy from my shopping list. I highly recommend working with Orsolya!


I have known Orsolya Sranko for over 3 years as her friend. I have always found her kind, helpful, organized and motivated. Orsolya is very dependable, she is a friend who I can trust.
In the near past Orsolya assisted me with finding my style and helped me refresh my wardrobe. She has a great knowledge on fashion and style, and she puts her heart and soul into her work.